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Nellie Neal, aka 'The GardenMama', answers questions from real live gardeners everyday. They seek out her smarts in the grocery checkout line, at school events, and once (but only once) in the ladies’ room at a concert. Dubbed ‘The GardenMama’ on her weekly radio program, she fields callers’ queries about every aspect of their mutual passion. She is a lifelong gardener, a talkradio host, garden writer, wife, and mother who learned to love okra at her grandfather’s knee, grew her first begonia in third grade and 99 tomatoes in the front yard one summer while studying horticulture at Louisiana State University. Through this website, GMama hopes to connect with like-minded people across the world.

Her expertise in general horticulture subjects extends across the Southeast in USDA Zones 8,9,10 and the coastal areas of California and is the result of more than twenty-five years’ experience in both the businesses and pleasures of the field. GMama has grown plants, bought and sold plants, tested new varieties and helped sustain old ones. She has mowed lawns, watered greenhouses, and waited on customers in garden retail.

Nellie writes and speaks from a solid educational background coupled with a lifetime of gardening successes and failures – she knows what works and isn’t afraid to say so. Gmama knows because she grows some of everything from houseplants, perennials, annuals, and roses to trees, shrubs, and vegetables all year long. Her favorite flower is whatever is in bloom today and the quest to fill the year with color, texture, and food drives her garden style.

She has gardened with Master Gardeners, Girl Scouts and third graders, adults who consult with her and enroll in her classes, youth diversion program offenders, people with disabilities, garden club ladies, professional practictioners, a host of neighbors, and plant society members, and has learned valuable lessons from them all.

Nellie is a member of the Garden Writers Association of America and has contributed to Rodale Press, Annuals for Dummies, and served as Contributing Editor for Ortho's All About Greenhouses. She regularly writes for regional magazines, local and national newspapers, and the Internet including her website, www.gardenmama.com. She is the Southern Coasts Regional Correspondent for nationalgardening.com. People have been known to drive an hour to her lectures and classes because they know she shares their curiosity about the garden world. Now folks take notes when she speaks, and make two frequent observations about her: she makes the science of gardening easily understood, and her advice works!