Vegetables in Containers

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keep the harvest going in the container garden! Don’t give up on greens, collards, chard and spinach even if you’ve picked all but a couple of their leaves. These plants, like onions and strawberries, have more cold tolerance than you think. Help them along - spray water all over the plants before a serious drop in temperatures. This practice is just like you see when freezing temperatures threaten the orange trees in Florida. There, and in your container garden, the water will freeze instead of the leaves and produce inside it. Water the greens weekly if the weather is dry, and fertilize monthly through the winter.

Broccoli and cauliflower are more sensitive to cold than Brussels sprouts and cabbage, so it’s fortunate that they don’t take as long to make! Once broccoli is picked, the side shoots begin to make baby broccolis in each leaf crevice. They’re tender, so keep picking for salads and dipping when temperatures are below freezing. Cabbage plants begin to curl their leaves inward, then the solid head develops, protected in that green blanket. Likewise, Brussels sprouts first put out tiny curled leaves all along their stems, again, at each leaf crevice. Shortly, those leaves fill with what looks for all the world like tiny cabbages. With a close look, you can literally see the family ties that bind broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts into the deliciously healthy family called ‘Cole Crops.’

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when to plant certain vegetables

I would like to know when to plant broccoli & lettuce..
Planting dates

The answer depends on where you live exactly, but most of us in the Southeast should be seeding both broccoli and lettuce now for transplant as soon as the babies are 4 inches tall. If it's still freezing, provide a cover for the young plants on cold nights. The reason for all this fal-de-ral of covering and uncovering is to be sure you can harvest lettuce and broccoli before spring heats up.

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