Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Resolved: I will fix a basket to keep by the back door with clippers and a few other essentials. The one I had finally fell apart and since then I have been chasing pruners, sunscreen, insect repellant, and my favorite cap all around the house. This time I will make it a bigger basket so I can use it to harvest, too. I’m tired of putting tomatoes in my pockets! Resolved: I will exercise my arms really well by turning the soil in my raised box beds. I have both raised rows and enclosed boxes filled with planting soil, old leaves and compost. Each has its advantages: the rows dry out faster because rainfall sheds off, but the boxes hold their moisture because they are enclosed. That means that in a dry summer, they are a much more productive growing space since they hold on to what they’ve got while the rows need water every day. The downside is that the boxes also get pounded in the rainy season, which compacts the soil and makes it harder for roots to push through. So, I will turn the soil in one box one at a time and when I recover from the effort, it’s on to the next one. Check with me in May. Resolved: I will use the sunlight in my front garden more effectively to move the spindly roses from the back garden into a better space for them. We gardeners plant trees, or do not trim the ones we have, and shade encroaches if they grow. In much of gardening and life, success on one front presents challenges on another. It’ll be a riot when it is done, as my rose collection runs the gamut from 19th century releases to some introduced in the last few years. Watch for it! Resolved: I will gather together a lifetime of broken tools and turn them into sculpture, sell them for scrap, or trash them. Actually, I have broken tools from 3 generations of 2 families and always think I’ll replace the handles or do something productive with them. It’s not going to happen, and I am tired of looking at them! If only I had taken that welding class when I had the chance…but that’s a resolution for another year. You Should Resolve: One goal I set awhile back has really helped my garden perspective and I recommend it to you. Limit your garden to-do list to 3 tasks! Get a line note pad, put it on your refrigerator next to the grocery list and as you check off one, add another. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with long to-do lists and soon the list looms like a dark cloud instead of keeping you on track. Do this, and next December, review it. You’ll be amazed at how much you got done!
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