Organic Matters

Thursday, March 15, 2012
Once clay soil is water-logged or turned to powder by dry conditions, it is very difficult to dry out or rewet and so stressful to plants. You can feel sand between your toes, and sandy soils have that delightful, natural grit, too. In reasonable amounts, sand cuts through clay and both benefit, but alone, it is challenging for almost all gardeners to cultivate. Sand is a much larger particle than clay, and different from it chemically. In between the tiny clay and relatively large sand particles in soil, and also in the middle of them chemically, there is silt, which feels like talcum powder to the touch. By adding organic amendments to clay or sandy soil at regular intervals, you can continuously improve their structure and tilth. That creates a better environment for whatever you are growing. We grow many different kinds of plants, some better suited than others to our native soils. Building soil structure is the surest path to success and Vermicompost belongs on your list of soil amendments. For more information, visit
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