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Wednesday, March 28, 2012
To transplant vegetables and other small plants: work up the soil, work in the old mulch, and add organic matter if the soil is very dusty or especially heavy – add no more than 1/3 om by volume to established beds or pots. I add garden lime with the oms so it will be ready to sweeten the soil as the beautiful, natural rot takes place. Work up an area deeper and slightly wider than the size of the transplant and install it at the same level it was growing before or just higher. You do not want it to sink! If the plants and soil are on the dry side, I mix a cup of water with a cup of WormWise Vermicompost Tea and water slowly until absorbed. In normal conditions, simply ‘water’ the new transplant with 1 cup of the Tea as a starter solution. Provide even more protection against transplant shock by spraying WWVC Tea onto leaves of new plants of every sort from those new veggies to young trees and shrubs. If you still need convincing, test it yourself. Plant 2 of the same tomato next to each other and use WWVC Tea on only one of them. Treat them the same otherwise, and send me a picture one month after transplant to show me the results. I’m betting on the Tea!
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