Organically Grown Roses

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Each year, I mulch with organic material and work it in when it rots, then put on some more. After the first spring bloom, I fertilize with a complete organic product and keep a soaker hose under the plants for the few very dry weeks. Like other plants, the roses need less water because their soil is made for deep rooting that slows dehydration. I do not have insect problems, in part because I choose varieties that are beautiful in the garden and pretty nice in the vase, too. Just as important, I spray the leaves with WormWise Vermicompost Tea. The spray provides nutrients, but more importantly, the Tea has a decided effect on boosting the plants’ ability to fend off insects and disease. The result is fuller canes and fatter flowers that are a joy to see and a festival for the bees. Because I grow them organically, there’s nothing to threaten the ‘good guys’, beneficial insects that help to keep the bad bugs in line. You should see the ladybug fest on the low hedge of Scotch roses along the driveway!
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