Organic Greens

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Work up the soil and add organic matters including WormWise Vermicompost to improve its structure and fertility. Plant your seeds or transplant small plants and thinning from other stands. Water them in well and apply a starter solution of Tea mixed 1 T per quart of water. Weekly, spray the plants with the same solution. You can begin picking these greens when they are about 4 inches tall, but cut each leaf individually to keep the new growth coming. Each time it starts, spray the plants. The combination of nutrition and insect repellant properties is evident every time you use the Tea and see new leafy greens popping out. In case you haven’t eaten the two vegetables called summer spinach, malabar and New Zealand, here’s the lowdown on summer’s coolest greens. Neither is actually spinach, but both are quite tasty. Malabar is actually a vine with thick green stems and leaves that puts on gorgeous red seed pods late in summer. Train it up a bean pole or small trellis to keep the leaves clean for picking. The young leaves are nice in salads and even better in stir fry, but the tastiest I ever ate were smoked slightly, tossed in with nearly done fish filets. New Zealand spinach is a clump that does look rather like its namesake, but with a brighter, greener flavor. Pick the leaves while they are small for eating raw as their taste deepens as they get bigger. Plenty of water and Tea are the keys to better, not bitter greens!
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