Organic Blueberries

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Work the ingredients all together and refill the hole so it forms a slightly raised space (or raised bed if a group are planted together). Mulch blueberries with an inch of ground bark or rotten leaves. Keep blueberry bushes watered weekly with WormWise Vermicompost Tea added (1/4 cup/gal) for the first summer. In the spring, spray the new leaves with WWV Tea to add nutrition and repel insects. Work in the decomposed mulch and replenish with fresh material. After all the fruit is picked each year, prune the bushes to shape them and keep the future fruit within picking range, unless you plan to share it with the birds! Follow pruning with two drenches of WWV Tea made 3 weeks apart to stimulate and maintain healthy leaves, next year’s flower buds, and buckets of annual fruit.
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