Organic Tea Report

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Vegetables should grow steadily from transplant (or sprouting) to delicious food in a specific time. These goals are found on a seed pack, plant label or online in a planting guide issued by your state cooperative extension service. To keep the eggplants growing strong, I created a rich, organic soil for them in an Earth Box by adding 2 cups of WW Vermicompost to a good potting mix. With the regular watering available in this system, the eggplants grew fast, flowered abundantly, and have been bearing for 2 weeks. This is not only sooner than usual by about a week, but the plants are healthier than ever before because I have kept the flea beetles away with WWV Tea. I spray the plants weekly and the Tea is holding down the progress of the insects tremendously and I recommend that you spray the vegetables you know will develop insect issues. Twice I have seen a few hatching flea beetles and quickly sprayed the entire plant with an organic insecticide containing pyrethrin. With only a few present, control has been great and there is no stippling on the eggplant leaves to indicate the presence of the dreaded flea beetles. It’s a win win situation: healthier plants, more eggplants, and no insect damage, thanks to WWV Tea.
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