Great Organic Examples

Thursday, July 19, 2012
Another friend made some great compost to root cuttings for his new garden bed. The slips look puny, pale but not dying. Since it’s not easy to know exactly how much or which nutrients are in homemade compost, I got her to drench the compost with WWV Tea last week and yes, the cuttings look better. The little babies are standing up straight and getting greener by the day. A weekly spray will keep them growing. I am ready to restart my tomatoes for the fall crop. These are healthy tomatoes, happily growing without pest damage, and if I keep them going, my reward will be more tomatoes early in the fall. I have harvested all the tomatoes – red, green, and in between – and we are feasting on tomato sandwiches, BLTs, and fried green tomatoes. This is heaven on earth to me! To hasten their return to my table, I cut each bushy plant by half or more of its overall size, work in organic fertilizer around its base, and spray it thoroughly with WWV Tea. I’m looking for healthy new growth and encouraging it along with weekly Tea sprays. You should, too.
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