Making Compost II

Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Keep a stick by the pile and poke holes into it when you add kitchen waste. Wet and tasty materials like these can attract bugs and critters you do not need! You can add coffee grounds and their paper filters, rinsed egg shells, and kitchen waste trimmed into 1-2 inch pieces. Yes, you can add cooked leftover vegetables if they were not cooked with meat or large amounts of oil. Plants lost to pest problems and those that have been sprayed are best composted in an active pile. If you simply ‘pile it up and let it rot’, there may not be enough heat to overcome them. Woody materials like prunings and pine straw are slow to compost so cut them into pieces smaller than 2 inches and use them sparingly. As is said about flowers, most are edible but you probably don’t want to eat them all. One more thing: leave out the used cat litter!
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