A project with purpose and beauty to boot

Sunday, September 15, 2002

To celebrate the people of Holland who rescued so many Jews from the nightmare that was the Holocaust, we plant tulips. Why tulips? Because just as the Dutch people nurtured us, they nurture the tulip bulb. They plant them everywhere, celebrate them, and export millions worldwide. We grow tulips to remind ourselves and everyone who sees them of the longstanding and warm relationship between our peoples. And because they are beautiful!
Students working in groups of two plant six tulip bulbs in a flowerpot. Cover tables or work outside if the weather permits.Fill the pot one third full of soil. Place bulbs with their pointed end up and their flat side facing the pot.  Don’t worry if the bulbs have spots of gray on them; unless they’re soft and mushy, they’re fine to use. Gently nestle the bulbs’ bottoms into the soil to hold them upright so you can finish filling the pot without knocking the bulbs over.  Don’t fill them completely; leave an inch of space at the top of the pot. Water well, keep cool and dark until they sprout, the put on a sunny windowsill to grow on.  

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