Cold Tonight - Cover up those babies!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
After Monday night’s rain, pick your method and cover them – leave the cover on all day on Tuesday unless sunshine is very plentiful. You’ll want to build some heat under the cover to protect the plants from Tuesday night’s predicted low of 28 in Kosciusko. In an ideal garden, of course, we’d all have ready-built covers for our garden rows, containers, and raised beds. My friend and colleague, Joe Gardener, built the one shown here. On nights like this, we all wish we had one! More likely, you have a stack of black nursery cans to turn over on top of the young plants or plastic gallon jugs you can cut the bottom out of to slip one over each plant. Sheets and sheet plastic can be used if water and wind will cooperate to keep them in place without damaging the plants. The best news for gardeners this week is that this weather will pass, and you can always replant – there’s plenty of time for summer’s favorite flowers and vegetables!
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