Myrtle's Dance Card

Monday, September 29, 2014

From a horticulture point of view, it takes soil that is fertile and drains well so roots can take the water and nutrients up and pump them to the top of the tree, where plenty of sunlight enables flower buds to form and open at the tip of each branch. This calendar is designed for growing young trees into large floriferous ones.

Calendar of crepe myrtle care

Jan-Feb prune heavily if you must; neaten mulch

Mar apply flowering shrub food

April watch for water sprouts and rub or cut them off

May celebrate first flowers; prune to train young trees for multiple trunks (choose 3 and eliminate the rest)

June apply flowering shrub food or an all purpose shrub/tree fertilizer

July deadhead spent flowers and water; control insects; prune lightly to shape

August same September same

October enjoy fall color

November apply 0-20-20; plant new trees now-Feb

December admire winter form

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