Ten to Avoid

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
1. You get exuberant and plant too much of one thing, especially vegetables and annual flowerbeds, then get overwhelmed and give it up to weeds. Oddly enough, 2. You think too small, especially when it comes to water features, focal point plants, and beds around trees, flagpoles and mailboxes. 3. You don’t pay any attention to the mature size of the trees You plant, especially crepe myrtles, leading them to 4. Prune at random, which can not only ruin the looks of a tree but its health, too. 5. You treat a $1000 lawn like it’s Astroturf. 6. You overwater container plants and let water sit in saucers underneath them, then wonder why they get brown tips. Also, strangely, 7. You underwater newly planted landscapes and are miserly about watering established evergreens, probably because they don’t wilt. 8. You dig holes in heavy clay soil and attempt to grow plants in it that cannot possibly survive without good drainage. 9. You get spring fever and plant what’s in bloom, leading them to miss three other seasons of joy. This is a related to 10. Gorgeous plant fever, where you buy plants not knowing where or if you can actually grow them. This mistake does sometimes lead to great garden surprises.
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