Garden Cloche

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Protect your plants from insects, weather and marauding bunnies!Build your own cloche with items available at every home store.

Gather the following 1/2” pvc water pipe materials:

§              4 pieces 18” long  AND 6 pieces 6” long       

§              4 T fittings AND 2 X fittings

§              OR If adding ends to the cloche AND to add more sections:

§              6 X fittings  AND 4 elbow fittings

3 flexible hoops per cloche, such as 1/4”  bendable pvc pipes

You’ll also need:

§ scissors, tape and/or pvc glue

§ 1/4” waterproof weather stripping

§ cover materials: plastic, screen, row cover, shade cloth

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